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Are there 2D panels in Xplane 11 or just 3D ????


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Anyone ???? Is there anything else but the Virtual panel in Xplane ??


None of the default aircraft are equipped with a 2d panel in X-Plane 11. So you would need to use an aircraft that comes with one (most likely older aircraft designed for an older version of X-Plane).

If the plane comes with a 2d panel that isn't displaying, you can file a bug report.

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I am currently porting my 767 home cockpit over to Flight Factor 767 for X-Plane 11(From Level-D 767 and FSX). And have some questions about the 2D panel feature myself. Have a bit more digging to do, but I did find it useful to set my 3 MIP displays to "2D Panel Only" so that X-Plane doesn't have to render the 3d cockpit or outside view on those other monitors. I used a built-in Feature on FF767 to pop out the PFD/ND and EFIS Screens to 2D displays and dragged them to these 2D Displays.

So, while the FF767 has no 2D panel designed for those 2DPanel windows, they can be dragged from cockpit view to those screens and presumably have lesser FPS impact on system.

I also have the primary monitor as a regular X-Plane Monitor.

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