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Good Prop GA plane for a FSX tour.

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It been a few years since I played FSX, but saw it on steam and had to pick it up and it runs great on my new rig.


That said I decided that I want to do some General Aviation touring to get me back in the pilot seat and remember how to fly. I am trying to decide which plane I should use for a tour that will be at least a couple hops and go from Wichita Kansas to North Carolina with a stop on the gulf Coast. This will at least get me some 10 hours of flight time and let me learn to fly with the much more sensitive control I am using.


I am not going to buy a new payware plane, but I do have one that might be a option but I am looking at


Cessna 172 (Stock with game)


Ryan Navion B (Freeware)

Quest Kodiak (my one payware that I have)



It must have at least some sort of autopilot so I can look around and easy enough that I don't end up crashing the plane as I am quite rusty. It will need to be freeware if it not with the game.



The propeller is just a big fan in the front of the plane to keep the pilot cool. Want proof? Make it stop; then watch the pilot break out into a sweat.
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Rick Piper Chipmunk

Piaggio P149

Pilatus P7


And if you ever decide to get a payware , go for the best,

Realair SF260

In my opinion if you only ever buy one aircraft , then that one should be it.

It is utterly fantastic.

Do a search for ... SF260 videos , and see what it's like , actually it's far better in the flight simulator than any video can ever portray.




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