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ATC ID on AI aircraft


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I'm not familiar with the aircraft you mention but a lot of ai aircraft don't have tail numbers because they are often used multiple times and if you write an ai flight plan you can select whatever tail number you choose.

It might spoil the effect if you chose a number and the plane was showing a different one.

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Thanks... I understand how to do that with the flight plan & how to put it in atc_id= in the cfg file. There are a number of planes that, used as AI, don't want to show either...

If you get in the plane yourself you can get it to work and curiously, the number you use also appears on the AI plane, but just sitting back and watching it ends up with nulls & a blank grey area. I suspect it's something in the .mdl file but who knows???

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Bill used gauges on several of his planes to display your reg on the fuselage.


The problem with using those planes as AI is they do not use any gauges so there is no way to force them to display the reg except to fly the same model as a user plane.


When you fly the plane the gauge gets loaded into memory with your reg # so that is what gets displayed on the AI.


This is all coded into the model and there is no way to change it.



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Thought it was something like that... I had noticed that I got the Pietenpol id to display flying the same plane... I also had his Stinson R. in the same scenery & it, in this case would show part of a clock in place of the id... fly the Stinson R. & it was alright but the clock showed up on the Pietenpol.

Thanks for the info...

PS I have a lot of Opa's stuff... he was great.

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