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Kneeboard files


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Refer to the aircraft folder and check for check and ref htm files. These contain the data for those kneeboard tabs. The other sections are self explanatory as to what they refer to. Incidentally, the Controls accurately reflect your controls, it's not some generic listing. If you edit the htm files they must be saved in the same format.

Jim F.

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Incidentally, the Controls accurately reflect your controls, it's not some generic listing.


Are you saying the Controls page on the Kneeboard will dynamically change to reflect changes I make to my key assignments?



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Hi alan,

Please post an image of a particular function from the Settings/Controls and then an image of the same function as displayed on the kneeboard with the same function associated with a different key. I'm at a loss in trying to imagine what would account for a difference.

Regarding the Checklist: I suggest referring to the "...check.htm" file in the C172. If you open the file with a program such as Word it can be edited and saved keeping the same format and the changes will be reflected on the kneeboard. For any aircraft the same format can be followed for either editing or creating a file.

Please post the images first.

Jim F.

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Thanks for the offer. I haven't explained myself very well. On double checking I see that the keyboard mappings are reflected in the Kneeboard so what I really need is to get rid of the keystrokes that are shown. So for example:



Aux. Fuel Pump G

Engine (auto shutdown) CAPSLOCK

Magnetos (select) A


My keys are all re-labelled so I don't really need this at all. In the Checklist tab all the commands are shown as defaults so for example:


[ ] Throttle OPEN 1/4 INCH

(press F3 or F2 as necessary.


[ ] Mixture RICH

(Press CTRL+SHIFT+F3 until fully in)


The text in brackets is not needed because I have a throttle quadrant. All this additional information is a distraction and not needed.


I've now found the checklist html file but I had hoped it would be a simple text file. I don't really want to be editing what is essentially code. would rather leave that alone and use a separate checklist that I can create and edit myself.



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It may not just be check.htm It could be anything_check.htm. I hope that's clear s mud...in other words, the name can have anything in it, as long as it ends in _check.htm. C175_check.htm for example. look in each individual Aircraft forlder. same place each plane's aircraft.cfg and .air files are. As well as all the folders that make up a plane, such as Model, Panel Sound, and so on. Check that the aircraft.cfg file lists the "whatever_check.htm" as the "kb_checklists=" line in each plane's [fltsim.0] section. See the example below.



title=Douglas DC-3 Tico Belle













ui_variation="Operation Varsity"


Sometimes, whoever makes theplane make the check file a simple .txt type file, in which case use your favorite text editor program to convert it to HTML format instead or FS9 and FSX don't "see" it.



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Hi Alan,

If you have Word modifying the file is simple. Just Open the ...check.htm file with Word, delete, edit or whatever and hit Save. If it suggests saving in a different format click No.

I don't like stuff in the file that no longer applies either. Here's my 172 Check as viewed in a browser. It looks pretty much the same in the kneeboard:


Jim F.

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