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How to remove panels from virtual cockpit view


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I have been trying to remove the panels from the virtual cockpit view. I tried the following


1) comment the interior in model.cfg

2) Comment virtual cockpit views in panel.cfg

3) delete the two panel images from the panel folder

4) delete model mdl file. (Works – but i am stuck on cockpit view- can not change to virtual cockpit)

5) Use hex editor and find 0022003900 but i can not find it (I can not find it using hex editor or hex workshop)


Can someone please help, i would like to keep the virtual cockpit view but remove the panels from the screen. This is A320-214 add on aircraft i am using


Can someone help with this. I read on forums that an empty A320 should do the trick, but has anyone been able to get it to work. I would like to have the lights on also.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


thanking you





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Unless you a 3D/Gmax etc modeler guru, its not possible. Fr. Bill could explain it better than me. I do know its among the most complicated aspect of an aircraft model and I have great respect for those who do it.

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A valid interior model, and, proper model.cfg, must be present to enable Virtual Cockpit View.

You can cheat...somewhat. Move the aircraft.cfg's eyepoint forward until the VC is behind you. That will allow panning with an unobstructed view...Don

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Greetings All,


Ron, are you trying to get rid of the panel AND preserve the ability to pan or just get rid of the panel? If the former, then Don's suggestion is your best bet: Control+Backspace. If you just need to get rid of the panel and do NOT need the panning ability of the virtual cockpit, go to the 2D cockpit and hit the W key once or twice to get rid of the panel.




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Hi guys,


first thank you so much for your time and advise.

I have the simulator setup with three projectors which are designated as three views (left, center, right - all originating from virtual cockpit- i added these custom camera in aircraft cfg). Three views are displayed as three windows and merged using external software.


Previously i had deleted the mdl file to remove the panels, but however with this new aircraft; if i delete the aircraft mdl file- i loose the virtual cockpit view also


I think i will have to do what don said and adjust the eyepoint. I hope it works


thank you guys



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It also would be possible to add a new camera view to your aircraft.cfg file (or to your cameras.cfg if you want it in all aircraft), set to whatever viewing point you want, then just use the "A"/"SHIFT-A" key from the VC to get to it.


Larry N.

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