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Microprose F-117A Stealth Fighter 2.0 EGA version needed!


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I have been searching high and low for the rare EGA version of this classic combat flight simulator for years, asking about many other forums. So now I try here, hoping that there might be a real MicroProse collector in this forum. The EGA version had quite different graphical style, in my opinion more in line with the original Project Stealth Fighter on C64.



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Do you mean the version as it was back then? All together in a box with its associated disks?


Because this is now in digital form and playable in Steam. And apparently even Amazon has it also.


If you rather want it like first one I suggested. Why not have a look at EBay?


But if you want the digitalized version. You can get it and even play it in today's PC. When getting the Steam version, these already come ready to play after downloading it. It will come bundled with its own "DOS Box". So you can play it nicely.


I used to remember that game when I was young. Never bought it, but I do vividly remember it on the software shelves of the PC game stores a few decades ago.


I bought some really good Microprose titles before but that wasn't one of the ones I played with.



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Hi ED_4!


Thanks for replying, I know that it is sold digitally now by some companies who have bought the rights, GOG for example. But I don't buy from them or any other such firm. They don't include all original material, update versions, and they are often overpriced. I do own the 256 color VGA version on CD-ROM, have played it for 12 years in DOSbox.


The version I am requesting is the rare 16 color EGA version of the same game. It saw an independent and seemingly limited release on 5 1/4" floppys. This version is not included in any modern re-release, neither digital or physical. It is not avalable for sale anywhere, nor does it exist in any form online. I have scoured everywhere. Very rarely do I see a version for sale on ebay, but I don't have a 5 1/4" floppy drive, nor the computer hardware to connect one.


I am really hoping that someone out there has this version and the means to extract the disks, or has already done so. The version is unique and has a different feel visually from the VGA version.


By the way, I love your avatar! :)

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