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scenery add-ons that'll fit with PMDG-737 on 3Gb RAM system


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Hi all,


I'm having loads of fun with the PMDG-737 on FSX:SE at the moment. I do have GEX and UTX Europe, but I'm scared to put these on FSX:SE because the PMDG 737 manual warns of OOM errors with too many other add-ons (particularly photoscenery).


Having said that, after playing FSX with GEX and UTX for years, I'd forgotten that the stock FSX scenery for the UK is actually very good from 5000 ft+ in the spring time. Nightime is much better with UTX however.


My system has 3Gb RAM (I could upgrade to 4), and is 64-bit Windows 10 tech preview. It seems that Windows itself consumes 750Mb of RAM, leaving 2.25Gb for FSX. Is UTX, GEX, UK photoscenary or FTX England likely to cripple me with the PMDG 737?


Which of these scenary add-ons is the most turn-off and on'able?


AMD Ryzen 5 3600X


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GEX will actually improve performance on most machines...UTX should not hurt performance IF it is set up properly (means disabling some options)....photo-real may or may not hurt.... in any case I would increase RAM to 6 gigs if you can....that allows FSX to use the 4 gig max if needed and leaves 2 gigs for the OS and what ever else you have running.
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