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vTWA Virtual Trans World Airlines


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This VA was set up by former TWA employees for aviation enthusiasts and flight simmers in general who are interested in learning about TWA, flying the TWA aircraft/routes and flying the TWA way.


Our goal is to allow you to take a journey through the years of one of the finest airline ever flown. You will be able to fly piston engine flights from 1925 (including mail routes) up through the last Connie flight in 1967. Fly the jets from the 50's up to the last day of operation. We offer every type of aircraft TWA operated from 1925 - 2001. And all flights are from actual TWA timetables.


Plus we have TWA Get Away Vacation flights and special bonus "Destination of the Month" charter flights.




"Today's TWA, find out how good we really are".



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