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Fsx | ftx global + rex essentials overdrive insane graphics clip


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Interesting video, no doubt you put it here to see if anybody noticed a couple of "anomalies..."


default fighter

LOL! I'm using FSX, and my "default fighter" is an F/A-18. So I'm thinking the puzzle you're wanting us to solve is what sim you are using where that (whatever it is, I honestly can't tell) is the "default fighter?"



Um... your "jet" has a propeller and makes reciprocating engine noises... :confused:


Cool video though, thanks for posting it, and let us know who wins the prize for playing the guessing game! :D

i7-10700K @3.8-5.1GHz, 32GB DDR4-2666 SDRAM, GTR-2060 Super 8GB, 2x SSDs
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