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Acer Monitor Not As Sharp As Asus - Solution?

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I just got the Acer S27HL monitor, as a main monitor and front monitor in FSX flight sim. I have two Asus ... the VE 247 and the VH 242H I use 3 screens the Asus showing the left and right sides.


The Asus display is crisp and sharp while the Acer is dull ... all have the same resolution. What can I do ... if any thing ... to get the sharp picture like the other monitors?:confused


The menu is taking me a bit to understand how to use.


This is on my Win7 rig

XP10/FSXSE_MSI B350_AMD Ryzen7 1700_16Gb DDR4 2133_Win7 64_GTX 550 1GB GPU


FSXSE/XP11/P3D ECS H87H3-WM_Intel i7 4770k @3.5Ghz_16Gb DDR3 1600_Win7 64_GTX 1050Ti 4GB GPU

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