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Saitek X-55 Rhino and Aerosoft Airbus


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I recently bought the Saitek X-55 Rhino System and I am very pleased with it. The main reason I bought it was to use with the Airbus and the throttle works with all my aircraft including with the Aerosoft Airbus X Extended (interacts with the FADEC). However it will not interact with the FADEC of any of the newer Aerosoft Airbus series. All the buttons work and the throttle will work without the autothrottle but, on take off, when I increase the Saitek throttle, there is no movement of the Airbus throttle and the FADEC does not engage.

Can anyone tell me what is different with the new Airbus which would result in the Saitek throttle not working with its FADEC and any remedy.

George Hutton


FSX Accel - Windows 7 Professional - Intel I7 2.6 GHz - 6GB DDR3 - 2 x NVIDIA Ge Force 8800 GTX - TH2G Digital.

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