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Change #2 Current Location


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You are refering to the 'default' start up flight. That is 'somewhere in WA state'. You can change it (permanently) by going to 'World/Go To Airport' and entering an ICAO, then saving the flight and checking the 'Make Default' button. The next time you start FSX you will be at THAT airport (and runway or parking). You should not spawn on a runway. But if you find one that AI don't use (usually doesn't have ILS capability) you can spawn there. For example, I fly out of Salinas, CA, KSNS, and no one uses runway 26. So that is where I save my 'default' (ie: start up filght) and is the C-172. Then I choose time of day, weather (ie: wind, clouds, day & date) before I save it (as default). If you enter city in #1 box you can come up with the ICAO you want.

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Easy peasy: Place the "default" flight somewhere you like, save it off as the default when it's in that location. Next time you enter the world, you'll be at the new place, whatever the box may say. Then you can change to wherever in the world you like, or fly there. I don't know it'll change what's in the box, but it'll change the place you start out from! Also, any place you move to, then leave the game wil be the top of the list next time you go in. It won't necessarily be the one listed off the bat, but if you go to change it, it'll be the one already chosen.

I'm sure there's other ways to do it, but derned if I know what they may be...



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Hopefully now you know how to change your startup location. Be aware some add-on planes are not very friendly being used as an auto/default startup and may cause FS to crash, but if you leave the default ultralight startup alone and MANUALLY load a saved flight where your aircraft starts somewhere else, you can still load that plane and fly without a crash.


Another benefit to creating a saved flight for your favorite plane is you can create a save with the plane shut down cold and dark with the brakes on parked at the terminal so you can start the plane and go through the entire ATC clearance and taxi procedure just like real pilots do.


You can then use this same saved flight to relocate your plane to other parking locations at any location in the world.


Some history:

FS used to have its default startup at an airport in Chicago which is now gone. Microsoft headquarters is in Redmond WA so when Meigs had to be replaced, somewhere in Washington was a reasonable choice (as opposed to anywhere else in the world.)



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