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Missing River I Created


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Hi All,


Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere


I have created a new airport in ADEx and want to put a river close by. I have used a flatten polygon for the river to run through, no problems so far.


Having made a lake polygon (its the nearest colour match to other rivers in the area) it does not appear in FSX.

So back into ADEx and change the polygon to lake perenial, so now the river appears but in a 'crator' for lack of a better.


Can anyone point me to a tutorial of how to do this correctly.




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I cant see where you do that or am i missing something completely?

I know that there is a separate water polygon creator to that shown below but as I mentioned before the colour is not correct to match other water in the area.


I dont want this

FSX River.jpg


So I tried this

ADEx Polys.jpg


OK.... So while creating this post the problem appears to have self rectified (Partly) as the next screen shot shows, the river appears as i want it to but there is a large sink hole just off the river and the existing shore line is still visible.


FSX River 2.jpg

ADEx Polys.jpg

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It looks like the larger poly (landclass?) has a bad data point.


Check that all of the vertices have the same properties.



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