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FSX registration


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Hi all


after a major system crash and reinstall of windows 7 and software. FSX is taking a long long time to boot up. when its booted it keeps asking me to register.... so i have registered again and again and again. but it keeps asking me the same everytime i boot it up.

when it does work im getting serious land texture problems. also on fsx central the default icon has gone ive just got global and europe.


i have fs2010 world textures, orbx Global vectors, orbx eu, and orbx Open LC.


is there a specific order to install the software....?


how do i sort this repetetive registration issue?

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FSX itself has a limit how many times you can install it without re-licensing.


I assume you are following best practice of fully testing your FSX between each add-on installation, saving you uncounted headaches.



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