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The importance of English language in Aviation

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My name is Mykolas. I live in Lithuania and currently I am studying for my pilots license and Aerospace engineering masters degree VGTU (Vilnius Gediminas Technical University).


My final paper is about an importance of English language in aviation. So I would like to ask for help:


1. Any article about incidents because of miscommunication or recordings would help.


2. Expert opinion on the subject would really help.


3. Information on where I could find statistics about the traffic in airports would help.


4. Any ideas to make the subject more useful or interesting would also be very appreciated.




I will mention and give credit to anyone who will help me on my Master's dissertation.


Read more: http://avaition-fans.proboards.com/thread/1005/importance-english-language-aviation#ixzz3UA5OM2Yr

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