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Need help with Nvidia Control Panel settings for new rig.


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Hello there!


I have searched the treads but yet to find relevant discussions about Nvidia Control Panel settings for FS9 for my specs.


Also, I have very low experience with video card settings and alike, so I need some suggestions on what to set my Nvidia Control Panel settings for FS9 that would best work with what I have "under the hood". I have heard of Nvidia Inspector, but I would like to try to just tweak the settings on the NCP first.


I got a new rig to eventually handle FSX, (but only after I get my FS9 back up to speed from my old PC that passed on).


Here are the Specs of my new machine:


  • i7-4790k 4.0 Ghz
  • Nvidia GTX 970 4.0 GB (Latest driver installed)
  • Asus Z97 Sabertooth Mark I
  • 16GB Crucial Ballistix Sport RAM
  • 500GB Crucial BX100 SSD (Which is where FS9 is installed - away from the program files)
  • 2TB WD HD
  • Windows 7 Pro
  • An ASUS 24" monitor 1920x1080 max resolution.




They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so I am going to post my FS9 Setting sliders here to better tell the story, along with a few screenshots using default C172 at default KSEA. I am curious to know if the interior shot should look better with my high-end video card?


Note, I am using the Global Settings currently for FS9. However, once I get suggestions here as to the settings for the NCP, I will make changes and add the Nvidia MSFS 2004 NCP settings to the mix.


If I missed any info you need to assist me, please let me know.


Thank you very much!



Settings view 1 crop.jpg

Settings view HW crop.jpg

Global Settings pg 1.jpg

Global Settings pg 2.jpg

Default VC view 2 KSEA C172 resized.jpg

Default Exterior view KSEA C172 resized.jpg

Default Right-Rear view KSEA C172 resized.jpg

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In all my many, many years of using NVidia cards with FS9 I have just used it "out of the box" without tweaking anything. I then discovered NVidia Inspector and used its built in configuration for FS9. This has always worked OK for me. To be honest, if I wanted to try and make the sim look better then the first thing I would do is visit my optician :cool:



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Thanks! I downloaded NI, and will try to install and work with it tomorrow maybe. Just hope that it will go back to original settings if needed, or does it give you advice to change the Nvidia Control Panel settings and you make the changes there?
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