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Problem with FS98 Gauges in CFS2


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I've used the panels from the FS2000 Aircraft and Adventure Converter ("AAFConv.exe") for several jet powered aircraft that I've added to CFS2. The problem that I'm seeing is that several of the gauges aren't being displayed properly (see attached screenshots: one is the "FSFSConv\Panel.Jet.Light.2" panel, and the other is the "FSFSConv\Panel.Jet.Heavy.2" to show examples of the problem).


I noticed that in the "Panel.cfg" files for the FSFSConv all of the gauge entries are for older FS98 gauges (which I do have copied into my "Gauges" subdirectory, so I know that they are all there).


Here are snippets from the "Panel.cfg" files with the parts refering to the FS98 gauges:




gauge00=Lear_45.Elevator-Trim, 1020, 207, 40

gauge01=Lear_45.AOA, 160, 90

gauge02=Lear_45.Chronometer, 110, 186

gauge03=Lear_45.Light_Switches, 68, 275

gauge04=Lear_45.PFD, 252, 48

gauge05=Lear_45.EICAS, 534, 48

gauge06=Lear_45.Autopilot, 818, 47

gauge07=Lear_45.Radio_Stack, 822, 205

gauge08=Lear_45.Warning_Enunciators, 818, 135

gauge09=Lear_45.Gear, 1015, 293

gauge10=Lear_45.Control_Surfaces, 1085,207,75




gauge00=737-400.Controls.2, 1157, 428

gauge01=737-400.Airspeed, 147, 140

gauge02=737-400.Autopilot, 767, 52

gauge03=737-400.Flaps, 1155, 32

gauge04=737-400.Altimeter, 611, 154

gauge05=737-400.Vertical-Speed, 612, 302

gauge06=737-400.Fuel-Quantity, 609, 452

gauge07=737-400.Main-Set, 762, 200

gauge08=737-400.NWS, 178, 528

gauge09=737-400.OMI, 5, 178

gauge10=737-400.Oil, 978,200

gauge11=737-400.Warning_Enunciators, 807, 135

gauge12=Extra-300.Control_Surfaces, 630, 40, 120

gauge13=737-400.Clock-Sim-rate, 36, 320

gauge14=737-400.RMI, 178, 319

gauge15=737-400.ADI, 334, 55

gauge16=737-400.HSI, 334, 301

gauge17=737-400.Landing-Gear, 1170, 137


I've tried this under Windows 10 as well as Windows XP, so I don't think that it's an OS problem. Note that I don't currently have FS2000 installed, so I can't test if the problem is there in that sim.


BTW, I just discovered this problem when installing this fictional aircraft for CFS2 ("SuperCar") -> http://www.aiai.ed.ac.uk/~bat/GA/supercar-msfs.html (the download for the CFS2 version is here -> http://www.aiai.ed.ac.uk/~bat/GA/SC-MODEL/MSFS/sc_fs2000.zip ). The panel for the supercar indeed uses a slightly edited version of the "FSFSConv\Panel.Jet.Light.2" panel with the older FS98 gauges that panel uses, and that's where I first found this problem.


Does anyone have any idea what coulod cause these problems with the older FS98 gauges under CFS2? Funny thing is, the FSFSConv prop engine gauges seem to work just fine when using those panels (Panel.Recip.FG.1/Panel.Recip.RG.1/etc...).




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