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Creating Photo Scenery with g2xpl


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Thanks, this video is very clear and useful. One part I don't get is how to work out what to enter for lat/long. Let's say I wanted to create a set of tiles for Oregon USA (or any area other than Jersey) which aligned correctly and didn't overlap. Using the ZonePhoto global map, the tile for Jersey appears to be +49-003, but you have entered +49-002. For areas beyond that covered by ZonePhoto, how would you determine the lat/long for a given block, or a set of lat/long which can be combined to cover a large area?
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I have to admit, it confused me initially too! The issue arises because of the location of 0 degrees of latitude. It's just a single line running north/south through the prime meridian in Greenwich, London.


If you go east of that are you in tile 0 or tile 1? If you go west of that, are you in tile 0 or tile -1?


The answer is that eastwards is +0, westwards is -1.


That's just the tile though. If you hover over Jersey airport, you'll see that lat and long coordinates are reported as 49.2, -2.19 respectively (but the tile is +49-003)


When creating your own scenery, it's the actual lat and long coordinates you want. My advice is to go in to Google and ask for the lat and long coords for an airport that you know is within the tile you want. Enter these coords in to g2xpl and you'll be in great shape.

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