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Strange Landfill In FS (joke).


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Well it is kind of a joke but a few years ago I made a few seaplane bases/AFCADS, they all worked and like a lot of my old aircraft and scenery files I backed up on disk.

Any way I decided to install a some of them again, one in particular that always worked something strange has happened, I haven't changed any of the parameters but now instead of it being by the coast it is inland.

I'm puzzled how this has happened when like I say it never was before, hence my remark perhaps they have had a landfill since I last used it lol.

Another thing too is it is the same FS9 installed that I used a couple of years ago on another PC where I made the AFCADS, there was another one too that is further out to sea and I'm sure it wasn't like that last time but I haven't altered any of the compass settings on them, very strange.

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Seaplanes and their bases are very strange and puzzling creatures .... as evidenced by your recent postings.


It has been said that : "If airplanes were meant to land on the water .... they would have been created with gills" ......... just say'n


Now .... to address your questions:

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