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Co-Piloting or Riding in the Jump Seat?


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Hi all, I am very new to Flight Sim and was hoping there is an option to sit in the jump seat of an aircraft to either observe or participate. I understand ATC fluently but inside the aircraft is a new experience for me.


Am willing to learn so if there is a mentorship type program or someone who can assist in building my knowledge, it would be fantastic.


I am based in Melbourne, Australia.



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Actually you can do that with MSFS FS2020. There are options to let AI fly while you run the communication with ATC.
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Greetings Minya,


We welcome you to the world of piloting and aviating! Let me give you a warm welcome to this wonderful hobby. You will find many fine folks that are always willing to mentor.


A great place to start is FlightSim.Com/DigitalThemePark's Discord and TeamSpeak have a great number of experienced and newbies like yourself. DigitalThemePark is FlightSim.Com's "live" events and can be found at http://www.digitalthemepark.com.


I look forward to chatting with you.

-Todd, aka Zoolander64

Check out Flightsim.com "live" events and DigitalThemePark

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