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GTX750 Ti or higher for Multimonitors?

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Hi all,


I'm putting the finishing touches to my new PC based round the i7-4790k with the prospect of overclocking. I will be running mainly FSX (though in the future I may choose X-plane but that's a different requirement). I plan to go down the homebuilt cockpit route so am wondering whether my choice in GFX is sufficient... its important for me to keep the cost of the build to around £750 so trade offs are key.


I plan to have three monitors for the forward view, which will be driven by a TH2G (thus taking some of the monitor driving effort off the GFX card) but would also like to have cockpit gauges on a fourth monitor. Its this fourth monitors that will be driven from a 2nd output from the GFX card.


My question is, though I know FSX is CPU dependant, is the GTX 750 sufficient for running the monitors this way or should I be looking for a higher spec'd GFX. Bare in mind budget is important I don't want to get a more powerfull GFX unless its necessary.


Saying that it could be 12 months or longer until I get multiple monitors up and running in which case I could upgrade the GFX card, whilst the 750Ti should be okay for my immediate needs.








I'm an eye candy man, flying only GA, currently ORBX but will be moving towards photoscenery

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You might want to wait until the GTX950 series are released (???), but when I last looked into GPU's last autumn (before the Nvidia 900 series) I concluded that:

1) Get as much VRAM as you can for multi-monitors - more than 2GB.

2) For multi-monitor setups don't look below a GTX770.

3) I'm considering GTX750Ti's for single monitor slave PCs in a multi-monitor setup, but for an i7-4790K build try and get something more powerful so that the GPU is not the bottleneck.

Regards, Django EGLL.
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Hi django


I went with the gtx960 strix. So far I've only hung two monitors off it but appears to be working smoothly at the moment.


Be interesting to see how four monitors cope. May not go down the th2g route now unless this is a good way of getting additional monitors without having to fit another gfx card.


Only briefly tried it out due to family commitments but am really pleased so far.



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