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simHeaven HDv3-based photo sceneries offline - are they!?


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Hello all,


I am new to X-Plane and want to get some good photosceneries for Germany, especially for my home town Frankfurt. I already installed HD-mesh v3 but I don't like the generix textures, as I really want to find the real-world places, like the main trainstation, certain briges and so on. So I read that there used to be nice photo textures on simHeaven, but that they are now offline.


I came across their website today, and found "http://simheaven.com/?wpfb_filepage=hdv3_update_europe_zl17-7z-2", which actually is downloadable. But they say that this is an "update" and I need to overwrite certain files. So I have doubt that this is actually the whole thing I need to download, rather than just a little update of what nowadays is gone offline.


Anyone can help me out of the confusion? Thanks!


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Hi RatRace,


Thanks for your help. I was in the impression that World2XPlane just creates an overlay that needs to be put above a base mesh layer such as either the global default, the HD-mesh, the simHeaven or zonephoto.x-plane.fr photo textures. On World2XPlane.com, it says that


Overlay sceneries are always placed on top of base/mesh sceneries. Examples of overlay sceneries are Simheaven’s OSM2XP and World2XPlane sceneries, a scenery containing landmarks, a scenery containing roads, etc..


I was actually planning to try the simHeaven photo textures, and above that put the World2XPlane sceneries. I also tried the zonephoto textures, but they didn't really satisfy me. I could regognize the main train station, but the texture quality wasn't all that pretty, compared to when I directly go to google maps and check.


Do you know where one could get the mentioned HD-mesh v2 base package if not from simHeaven? Is there a mirror for it?



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All I know is that two months ago a guy at x-plane.org nicknamed Mad Mat said he might consider sharing all his Simheaven sceneries and updates, but there are cost issues (servers) as well as legal issues (licensing of the aerial imagery).

I seriously doubt anything will come of it.


In principle one could use World2XPlane to replicate SimHeaven's work, assuming you can get hold of hiqh quality aerial imagery.


Or you could use G2XPL http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?showtopic=59170

MrCobolman is working on some youtube tutorials https://www.youtube.com/user/MrCobolman


I don't use photoscenery, so I can't be of much help here I'm afraid.


For those who like photoscenery it certainly is a great loss that SimHeaven stopped distributing those files.

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