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Help with terrain mesh scenery problems


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My terrain mesh scenery or what I actually see from the air is terrible. It is a checkerboard of green and tan colored squares and you can see the lines that divide the squares from each other. I have played with the sliders on Options/settings/display/scenery, but can't seem to find at least a tolerable solution. Is there any other place where terrain mesh can be adjusted? Perhaps in the FSX config file?


Thanks to all, Don

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Your description sounds more like landclass (or maybe textures) than it does like mesh. Mesh shapes the terrain, but doesn't color it or populate it with vegetation, which landclass (with autogen) does.


Larry N.

As Skylab would say:

Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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Thanks for replying,

This is the listing of my scenery Library bottom to top.


115 Default Terrain (bottom)

114 Default Scenery

18-113 0000-1101 Base

17 Africa

16 Asia

15 Australia

14 Eastern Europe

13 Western Europe

12 Central North America

11 Eastern North America

10 Western North America

9 Oceania

8 South America

7 Oshkosh Aerial Photo

6 St. Maarten

5 Rio de Janerio

4 Las Vegas

3 Global, Generic, & Vehicle Libraries

2 Propeller Objects

1 Addon Scenery (top)


I didn't see anything pertaining to Mesh unless that is the default terrain at level 115.




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Hi Don,


First - Have you changed the FSX default resolution settings to match the native settings of your monitor. By default FSX loads at 1024x768x16 - change it to the default native setting for your monitor - i,e if its 1920x1280x32 set it to this...and test.


Second - the list you have given only contains the default FSX scenery areas and alludes that you have not added any additional scenery. If you have please give info of what it was and were you have placed the files associated with it priory to attempting the scenery.cfg 'fix' detailed below...


If the problem is not related to the resolution setting try the following to see if it resolves the issue...

Note the first 'fix' are based on the assumption that you have not added any additional scenery - if you have the first 'fix' will require you to re-activate the added scenery


1. With FSX closed go to C:\ProgramData\Mircrosoft\FSX and rename the Scenery.cfg file to Scenery.bak


2. Start FSX - a new scenery.cfg will be created - this will only provide details of the default FSX scenery entries only


3. Test FSX.


If the problem still exists then try this but note that you will lose any config changes made, any manual added tweaks made to the config file and FSX will restart with the default flight loaded (i.e. the Trike over Friday Harbour). As a check of the video card capabilities will also be made as part of the process the video resolution will be set to the FSX default values of 1024x768...


1. With FSX closed go toC:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX and rename the FSX.cfg file to FSX.bak


2. Start FSX - a new FSX.cfg will be created. You MAY receive an error regarding loading the default flight - just click OK to accept it.


3. Make only the following change for now - resolution setting as appropriate.


4. Test.




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one suggestion about "removing by renaming".

It's a good idea to do it that way, because you'll have a backup, and that backup will be in a location where you can easily find. (the file stays in the same folder it was in already.:))



1--You have to close fsx before renaming.

2-- rename instead to:

scenery -1- 20210215.cfg

(today's date)

Or something like:


scenery -1- 20210215 fsx would not start.cfg

(so number, today's date, and a description of the issue the file was removed for.)


The next time you have to do this you can rename that one to:

scenery -2- 20210220 copy for safety before adding new airport.cfg

(for example)


The files will then when you list by filename automatically be in order of date as well.

(When listed alphabetically the first different letter in their filenames is the number -1- -2- etc. And 1 comes before 2 Alphabetically.)


You'll see them listed like so:

scenery -1- 20210215 fsx would not start.cfg

scenery -2- 20210220 copy for safety before adding new airport.cfg



Nicely grouped together away from very different filenames. Nicely in the order you want them to be. And all other files in the folder still there alphabetically as well.


Comes in handy that. Makes finding any file a doddle. And the descriptions also help immensely later.


The file does not need to be changed to a .bak file. you can simply leave it as a .cfg file.



A new scenery.cfg file (with only the default scenery in the scenery library list.) will still be created when fsx is started.



(Same for fsx.cfg file.)





I did not look into your original question too much. So I'm not sure whether the solution you were offered is correct or not.

Was just adding some tricks that I thought you may like to know.

Edited by il88pp
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I read your question more closely.


You have the default scenery. And what you see is just the way default fsx looks.


Fsx is not a sightseeing program. It's a flight simulator.

(the first version of fsx did not have any scenery I think. Just solid black where ground was, solid blue where sky was, and solid green where water was. (oh yes, brown airports I think.))


You can buy addon software to enhance the world. Usually sold per area.

For example landclass products


FSX scenery (the default as well) concists of several things:

Mesh -- Just determines the elevation of the ground everywhere. Where are mountains, hills, valleys.

Mesh has nothing to do with how those areas look.


How the area looks is determined by:

Textures -- determine where the colours and textures are available.

Landclass -- determines what terrain and area is. Is it rural terrain, semi urban, urban, forrest, etc.

Vectors -- determine "lines in the landscape" -roads, waterways, railways, and coastlines.


A simple landclass product might be something for you. For example SceneryTech. (SceneryTechEurope, SceneryTechUSA, etc.)

Affordable. And instead of the same repeating scenery impression you have now you will see clear differences. For example a large forrested area, with rural land around, and city's a bit further away still.

It's nowhere near GoogleEarth or anything, but you can at least halfway recognise you're in your own country while flying.


There are many more scenery addons available for this type of stuff.


Btw, there is a free addon Mesh available. FreeMeshX.

Nice details in mountains a such.

However, be aware that changing the elevation of the ground everywhere means the area's around airports also sink or rise. (leaving some airports on a little plateau, and some in a shallow depression.)


Still worth it I think. I do have FreeMeshX installed and like the crisper mountains.

Look FreeMeshX up on Google. The creator now has his own site.




You can adjust the Mesh detail that is shown in FSX by using the slider in:

While Flying: Press Tab for menu bar

Then: Options -- Settings -- Display

And then the third (fouth?) tab in the popup Window I think.

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