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VAS in windows XP using fsx


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Sometimes I get OOM crashes, mainly I'm OK, but I came across this advice, which I followed but it didn't B work for me. I got the message but it showed a 0 (zero) value.

The FSUIPC is not registered . Is that relevant, do you think?

Advice appreciated.


OOMs seem to be plaguing some people and I just found out how to continuously monitor your VAS through the title bar of FSX using FSUIPC. I have the registered version of FSUIPC so I am unsure if purchasing that product is necessary to implement this trick. How to implement:




1. FSX Menu bar | Add-ons | FSUIPC ...


2. Select the Logging tab


3. Enter an Offset of 024C (that's a zero)


4. Enter a Type of S32 from the drop down box

5. DO NOT check the Hex checkbox


6. Press OK




Now you have a continuous readout of your VAS usage on the FSX title bar. This suggestion works with people using FSX in windowed mode ... I am unsure about the other option (full screen).



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