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I am reworking a panel for the ALPHA Cessna T-50 Bobcat. I have all the gauges finished and working, except the ECU. The mixture levers are reversed on the Bobcat ECU. I have them moving correctly but clicking is still backwards (lean is rich and rich is lean)


The mixture click section...


(M:Y) (*Get Y*) 26 (*38-12*) - (*skip top runof*) 99(*137-38*) / 0 max 1 min 1 - /-/ 16384.0 * (>K:MIXTURE1_SET)


I dont understand the click section of the FSX ECUs. Could someone help me understand this code. I cant see where the numbers, (38 and 12) and (137 and 38) come from. (I understand these (*...*) sections are notes explaining how the values "26" and "99" are arrived at). Also, I cant seem to find anything on (M:Y)


any help greatly appreciated!





Pic of the main panel...



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