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AiSmooth settings for FSX..


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When running AIS for FSX I noticed something odd.


When watching AI land on a dedicated landing runway (No take-offs), there would be a long wait between AI planes.


In other words, when one AI would land, it would taxi all the way to the terminal before AIS would clear the next AI in the H-patten to land.


I watched AI land and timed the landings. AIS would wait about 2-3 minutes after an AI lands before clearing the next plane to come in. This seems a little too long when you have the pattern full of 10-20 planes all waiting to land on the same runway.


Is there a setting in AIS where I can shorten the distance between landing AI? I would like to have the landing planes landing closer together, not 3-5 minutes apart. In other words, when one planes lands, I should see the next one behind it coming into view 3 miles behind, not 8-9 miles.


My current settings...








The creator of AIS said a few months (8/2014) ago that he is working on the next version, but since then have not heard anything from him. Don't know if a new version is going to happen...

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I have the same problem, I'm trying to figure out what it is but I can't. A Windows update must have moved a file or something, so AISmooth was capable of managing AI traffic until now. 2015 this was posted and yet no one has replied to it for the past five years, this is so not helping. I'm due for a flight from Heathrow to Cape Town Intl in Simulator tomorrow for the Christmas period and I cannot afford to go-around again, never mind mid-air collisions and such.
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Never seen AI Smooth but cant you fiddle with the distance[NM] settings?

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IMHO, it is quite a bit more complex. Read the "Readme" and I think you will see that. Unfortunately, included airports and surrounding airports of a hub has no coverage for my home airport KBOS. There maybe a way to add it but I haven't figured that out yet! What I need to do is some aircraft spotting at say KJFK and see if AI spacing works with minimal, if none, go arounds.
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