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MORE love for the SS-4P.

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Hi folks,


Dropping in to say hello and to share what I've been doing to put some life and enhanced meaning for me into this satisfyingly weird aircraft:




Looking at the panel.cfg:


  • HHWorks' Flight Data Quartz display replaces Airspeed indicator.
  • AEM/EDM Turboprop gauge replaces radar altimeter.
  • G5 (by Bob Kellogg) replaces primary PFD.
  • Airspeed indicator from Piglet's MS-760 replaces AOA indicator.
  • RealityXP GNS 500 replaces native GPS.


Making some of these changes has given me the information I've been needing to REALLY go through the aircraft.cfg file in order to calm this aircraft down and make it act more like a real aircraft. I've done the usual work to prevent spontaneous uncommanded suborbital flight upon startup, and I've endeavored to tune her powerplant to what I believe might be a good representation of GE's Catalyst (which I believe they're still working on).


At present she'll burn 30 pounds per hour at ground idle, while burning around 250-300 pounds per hour at high cruise/WOT above 8,000' or so which gives a decent 5-6 hour endurance in the flight levels while running like crazy.


I've also done some fine-tuning of the prop physics . . . while she still doesn't behave quite like a real turboprop that I've observed, she WON'T exceed 2,000 blade RPM at or near sea level (which, for an eight foot diameter five-bladed prop means the airport won't be issued a noise complaint every time the aircraft comes or goes).


Speaking of coming and going:



Uich gwennen na'wanath ah na dhin,

an uich gwennen na ringyrn ambar hen.

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