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FS2004 having weird problems


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Hil all :)


I've just joined the forum and hope that I'd find answers to my problems real quick, because the forum here is pretty good.


The problem is: My FS9 interface has suddenly become very slow. The game also runs with jerks. When I start FS, it takes time to load to the main UI, then anything I do - changing aircraft, time, weather, location, it takes literally 3-4 seconds. Especially the location window. After I change it from default KSEA to my preferred airport, it takes about 5 seconds to go back to the main window.


Also, at any busy airport with lots of AI traffic, the traffic toolbox explorer loads so abysmally slow. Then if I wanna view some other aircraft, the game window loads so slowly that I end up closing the FS before it loads.


The game itself isn't that bad, perhaps just 3 or 4 fps lower. I re-installed my windows XP a few days back and before that no such problem occurred. The UI was fine, traffic toolbox was fine. Since, then I've installed windows five times and FS many more number of times but no effect.


After I re-install the windows, the UI is cool, but at some point or the other it starts lagging. Usually whenever I add any addon scenery. But, I'm confused as I used these addon sceneries before as well, when FS didn't lag at all.


Please tell me what to do. Thanks in advance.

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The more addon stuff you have installed it seems to lengthen the load time of the sim.


I too am still using an XP Pent4 system. I have added 38m USA mesh with UltraTerrain USA landclass and MyTraffic2004 set at 90% and it now takes 7 - 10 minutes to start the sim. With just the default game installed it was instantly up and running.


With MyTraffic2004, it installed 300+ planes, so switching aircraft takes additional time now 10 seconds on average.


My frame rate is set a 25 and is still good and smooth and that is what matters. i don't mind the load wait.

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If you've reinstalled Windows several times, then your first priority is to determine exactly where the problem is. Is it an FS problem or a Windows problem? So, what about other apps? How are they performing on the new install? Since your re-installs, how long does it take to start up Photoshop, your email, your browser, Word, any other apps?


Also, what about your video card? Have you installed exactly the same drivers for it as your original "good"install?


Steve from Mudgee

Steve from Murwilllumbah.
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Other apps work totally awesome. In fact, faster with this "bad" install. So, I think it's not a windows problem.


But I'm not sure about the video card. Previously, someone else had re-installed it on my request and it's been a long time since, and I don't remember what video drivers were installed at that time.


Currently, I have Intel G33/31 Express Chipset Family GMA 3100 Internal memory 128 MB installed from the CDs that the computer's manufacturer provided.

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It's not that specifically. The traffic toolbox, for instance, it takes ages to load and it's so annoyingly slow that I can't change the views on different AI planes. Point is: I could do all that in the previous install of windows.


All the addons that I curretly have were present in the previous install too, in fact I'm yet to install a lot of addon sceneries.

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