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I think I solved my OOM issues.


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Unbelievable, I think I can fly PMDG/iFly with FSDT/Aerosoft sceneries and ASN.

Two key points were left out during the previous VAS discussion:

1. FTX Vector, a major, major-major VAS eater.

2. DX10 (although still not sure to what degree).


So I did 2 the same test flights with ASN using the VASiest aircraft: iFly-747, if this doesn't cause an OOM so won't the PMDG.

I selected the VASiest airports: FSDT-KJFK to LatinVFR KMIA (actually the airports are ok, it's the NYC and MIA region that eats VAS enormously).


Flight-1 was with FTX Vector completely disabled and the difference it made was huge, took off from JFK with 1.1GB VAS which cleaned up to 1.5 in flight, then went down to 1GB on descend, 800 on final and 650 at the gate. This was veeery good!


Giving up vector is not something we want to do so I tried another flight with Vector, this time with most features/options I don't need - unchecked (I complety forgot there are options you can check/uncheck!). I left only the highways, primary roads and rivers, good enough for the airliner flights.


I knew I would get a VAS leak taking off from JFK but I hopped it would clean up itself in cruise, so I have enough VAS on approach to destination airport and I was right.

Flight-2, took off with 800MB, that's 200 less compared to previous flight. Then it cleaned itself up to 1.2GB and stayed there until descend to KMIA. During each phase described in flight-1 I had less VAS remaining by a value of 200MB approx. I ended up with 450MB at the gate, a bit scary but no OOM signals! Then I selected an outside viw and the VAS cleaned up, but I'm not sure whether it is safe to do or not... I assume if you do this in JFK or EGLL you'll get a huge VAS leak. When I selected the VC again, the VAS returned to 500.

I consider this a success, being that I flew the VASiest aircraft between two VASiest cities (London the third).


Today I will fly a flight which was giving me an OOM last week:







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VAS was very low though...


Technically speaking it was very high.


Avoiding OOM is usually about finding a balance between what you want and what the sim can handle.



the Bean

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If you are talking about the FSUIPC OOM alarm, the manual or advanced guide should answer that.


Why not just reply 250Mb (Advanced Guide pg. 7) ? Takes the same time as this meaningless post.


On a general note : IMO the FSUIPC 024C VAS indicator should be handled the same way as the FPS counter: good for some testing, but better leave it off. It just makes people nervous.



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Thanks guys, what I really want to know is when does OOM occur? At what MB VAS?

Coincidentally I did all things at ones - registered FSUIPC, installed DX10 fixer and optimized my Vector, so I never had a chance to find out the VAS during the OOM.

Manuals... my fault, I studied too many things since my start in December and now avoid manuals due to "brain power fatigue" -))))

Still have to learn the Citation-X which is parked in my hangar with wheel chocks and its engines still plugged with the engine covers.



On a general note : IMO the FSUIPC 024C VAS indicator should be handled the same way as the FPS counter: good for some testing, but better leave it off. It just makes people nervous.


Good idea indeed. I think now, with my third proving flight successful (see below) I can finally turn it off.

And my third proving flight is obviously the notorious KJFK (FSDT) to EGLL (Aerosoft) PMDG-777, ASN. Vector being optimized and I really don't feel to be compromised as the features I turned off (railroads, small roads etc...) I do not need and the nice shore lines, primary roads and streams are still there.


Pic one is climb out of JFK, 1.2GB VAS (900 on take off) is I believe very good. I wonder if DX9 was cleaning VAS as well... Others are descend to EGLL.

Anyway, over with frustrations and I'm in love with this sim again. Need a little break from the airliners though, looking towards checking out the A2A 182... - that's where I can max-up my sim settings and bring the Vector stuff up!









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I agree! I,m never happy flying inside an aluminum tube of shiny happy people who are always coughing or whose kids kick my seat back. "Flying" one is fun and challenging. And a complete flight, say JFK to ELL, is very satisfying.


But I find STOL operations with all realism settings set to the max is pretty challenging and satisfying too. I also enjoy aircraft carrier work with the same settings as well.

Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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