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Any hardware available that will play multiple audio outputs simultaneously?

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Hi, this might be a daft question but is there a reliable way I can have several audio outputs from the pc?

My flight sim setup includes three 43” TV’s and I use the centre one for audio. I also have a second output going to a vibrating seatpad. I know you can setup two outputs with Windows 10 but I use a program called Voicemeeter which is better, but it’s not perfect. Occasionally the sound output will change back to the pc speakers (& of course I hear nothing and the seatpad wont vibrate)

I also have VR headset. Despite clicking the option to send audio elsewhere, it always messes Voicemeeter up and I have to go back into it’s settings.


So, my question is.. is there some sort of hardware with outputs that will reliably work or possibly a program more reliable than Voicemeeter? Thanks in advance.




Intel I9-13900K - Gigabyte Z790 Aorus Elite AX - 64Gb DDR5 5600Mhz - Asus RTX4090 ROG STRIX 24GB

3x 43” Panasonic 4k TVs - Corsair RMx 1200W PSU - 2 x 2TB M.2,  2 x 4TB SATA III and 1 x 4TB M.2 SSDs.

Pico 4  VR Headset - Honeycomb Alpha Yoke - Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Unit

Thrustmaster TPR Rudder Pedals - Saitek Throttles

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