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777-200ER Crystal Aviation Black Tailfin


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Hey Guy's!


Found a really sexy 777-200LR called Crystal Aviation' it's a private jet used for hire, politicains and celebritys party on this plane.

Now the problem with the plane is it has a Black tailfin, the texture seems to be off in that location.


Love this plane i have a really great panel for it as well, the orginal panel the AP won't hold so i relaced it.

Is their a fix for the Black fin?


Here is the jet for download.

FSX/P3D Boeing 777-200ER Crystal Aviation



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The tail-fin was black when I tried to fly it from RPLL to VHHH.


Itheir a fix for this is what I'm asking.


Was the Simviation download the one you are using? Can you provide a screenshot of the aircraft with the black tail-fin?

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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I am sure there is someone out there that could do a repaint on that section of the aircraft!


Is the plane that I referenced, the same as what you downloaded? If not, maybe you could download it and see if a black tail fin appears? Certainly would be easier to accomplish


Rick :cool:

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