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Can Not Take off from JFK or MCO

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New to FS2020 Just starting. Can take off & fly from Burlington VT (KBTV) but when I try to take off from Kennedy (KJFK) the program goes to the static Skyhawk loading screen for a minute or so then just quits the simulator entirely and goes back to my desktop. Tried StMartin (SXM) and that works. Trying Orlando (KMCO) and the simulator kicks me out. Please help!!
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Your system can't cope with the vastly increased scenery details at both of those airports, but is okay with the smaller. I'd guess you are probably trying to run everything at Ultra? Try reducing some of your settings to High or even Medium and see if that helps.


I've heard it said that there are very few standard computer kits, including high-spec gaming machines, that can cope with the sim with everything at Ultra. Technology will catch up eventually however; MS says this game will be around for at least 10 years!

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