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Nearest landing place to Monument Valley?

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Tim Wright "The older I get, the better I was..."

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Cortez Municpal (KCEZ). 111 miles away

Page Municpial KPGA, is around 127 miles away



156 miles: Farmington, NM (FMN / KFMN) Four Corners Regional Airport

168 miles: Moab, UT (CNY / KCNY) Canyonlands Field

185 miles: Durango, CO (DRO / KDRO) Durango-La Plata County Airport

187 miles: Grand Canyon, AZ (GCN / KGCN) Grand Canyon National Park Airport


Local airports near Monument Valley:

6 miles: Monument Valley, UT (UT25) Monument Valley Airport

29 miles: Kayenta, AZ (MVM / KMVM / 0V7) Kayenta Airport



Nearby Airports with Instrument Procedures:


Blanding Municipal Airport KBDG Blanding Municipal Airport 045° 48.3

Page Municipal Airport KPGA Page Municipal Airport 265° 60.2

Cortez Municipal Airport KCEZ Cortez Municipal Airport 076° 77.4

Four Corners Regional Airport KFMN Four Corners Regional Airport 099° 96.3

Window Rock Airport KRQE Window Rock Airport 145° 98.5

Bryce Canyon Airport KBCE Bryce Canyon Airport 294° 101.8

Canyonlands Field Airport KCNY Canyonlands Field Airport 011° 106.5

Hopkins Field Airport KAIB Hopkins Field Airport 046° 107.0

Kanab Municipal Airport KKNB Kanab Municipal Airport 270° 112.0

Gallup Municipal Airport KGUP Gallup Municipal Airport 142° 113.3

Grand Canyon National Park Airport KGCN Grand Canyon National Park Airport 236° 113.7

Panguitch Municipal Airport U55 Panguitch Municipal Airport 296° 115.9

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Unfortunately, the airport for larger aircraft, U64 Monticello, Utah is one of the missing airports. With a 6,000 foot runway, it would serve private jets. The elevation is just under 7,000 feet, making this a hot & high airport. I hope it gets included soon! It was moved from U43 across the road about 5 years ago.
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With a 6,000 foot runway, it would serve private jets. The elevation is just under 7,000 feet,

With a runway that short at that altitude, it would be marginal, at best, for jets, though less of a problem when it's cold out. Hot may be too short for many jets though. Of course in the sim it's no big deal, but...


Larry N.

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