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Zooming inside VC with use of mouse.


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To zoom in a VC in FSX; just hold down the space bar and use the mouse scroll-wheel for zooming.


If you don't want to hold down the space bar press shift-o (that's the letter o not a zero) for the mouse toggle.

Mike Mann
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Guys is it possible to zoom with a mouse like in the X-plane?

I use +/- keys (and a button on the yoke to look left/right), but zooming with the +/- keys is very inconvenient. Please advise.


Press spacebar and scroll wheel.

Pressing spacebar + moving mouse is pretty much like the directional pad on a joystick.


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Does your mouse have a wheel?


Hold down the Spacebar and zoom with the wheel.


BTW, hold down the Spacebar and look around the VC by moving the mouse.


Press Shift+O (oh, not zero) and you do not have to hold down the Spacebar.



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