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Hi all


I have the excellent Overland 737NG aircraft, and would like to add some callouts, like

V speeds and altitude..


I have dowloaded a file from the other site, called 'callouts soundpack' and the sound files are there, but

there is no sound cfg file..


Is there another callout file to download, maybe on this site?



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I have been using a GPWS gauge that works in FS2004 and it does work in FSX for years from here in the library. The file is: rcbgp-33.zip


You can add your own custom sound files matching the same exact names. And I use it per aircraft so my sound files are unique.


So in my F-22 I have this GPWS gauge installed, but I changed the alert sounds and height callouts are from a female voice from the AT&T text to speech engine. You should here all the alarms when I'm doing dangerous stuff. LOL


Consequently, my upgraded Lear 45 has its own GPWS sounds more like how a Boeing sounds. Though, now that I think of it, I might change that up a little for uniqueness.


I use Wavepad for audio editing. And I use Wavepad for my own smartphone ring tone creations.

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