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KBWI - Scenery By Matthew Perry and Joshua Broadwater.


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Happy Holidays.


Before just recently reinstalling FS2004, I've used the KBWI Scenery before and in addition to being thoroughly impressed, experienced no issues. Unfortunately, after reinstalling FS2004 and adding the scenery, whenever I try to fly to or start at KBWI, my system freezes. If I remove the scenery, FS2004 works fine. Does anyone have any idea of what could be causing this to happen out of the blue?


Below is the file information, which can be found at Flightsim.com


FS2004 (ACOF) - FS2004 Scenery

FS2004 Scenery--Baltimore/Washington Int'l

Name: kbwik5v2.zip

Size: 29,237,350 Date: 11-05-2005 Downloads: 8,395


FS2004 Scenery--Baltimore/Washington International Airport (KBWI), Maryland (MD), v2. Full version with an installer. By Matthew Perry and Joshua Broadwater. (The previous version had 1069 downloads.)

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Try re-downloading it and reinstalling it. And had you previously used the replacement spring/summer photoreal textures? If so try installing those.


Tom - To the rescue as always. First, thanks for the response. I've tried everything. Un/reinstalling, without and with upgraded textures/afcad, placing higher/lower than other nearby scenery (KDCA). Avsim has what seems to be the same files. After installing those, everything works fine. The only difference I found was that the afcad no longer has multiple runways active at the same time, so there is alot of go around due to ai. The thing is I tried different afcads with the other version and that didn't seem to make a difference, so I believe there is a conflict with one of the scenery files. Which one, I have no idea. Please let me know if you discover anything. Thanks!

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Great post, as that "suddenly" happened to me as well. I just stopped flying there, but will look this over once again.


Qballbandit - Thank you for responding. Glad to know i'm not the only one. You can find the files on Avsim and those seem to work. Not sure what the difference is or why it ocurred. If you find anything with those from Flightsim, please let me know. Happy Holidays!

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