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Reccomend me a Learjet


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P.S. Sorry, should have put "please" in the title.


Hi, Having recently got into payware aircraft, I have to say I'm hooked. It really is one of those "once youve tasted it you can never go back". So having fufiled my light, twin prop, and airliner quota (and emptied my pockets at the same time).


I'm after a Learjet now to replace the stock one. Doesn't have to be a 35A but something along those lines.

If of course you feel there is a freeware aircraft that is just as good as payware then please do mention it.


I only really have 2 criteria:

1. I'm after as much range as possible while still being a business jet. don't like that my 35A only gets from Glasgow to New York arriving on fumes. Would like a bit more range if possible.

2. I would like it to be fast. (not silly "outwith realism" fast) but a fast buisness jet none the less. I don't know what are fast ones IRL but I would like cruise of at least M0.81 but ideally nearer M0.85 (like 747) if such a thing really exists?



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Yes I have but sadly the range is very small, not much more than half of the stock 35A!


I have search but 99% of the posts recommend the Citation Mustang which again has a tiny range. I will look into MrZippys suggestion.


Ideally I would like a payware Gulfstream G650ER as it has great range and can fly at M0.90

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