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I lost all of my AI TRAFFIC

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I suddenly lost all of my AI traffic! I could not figure out why until I remembered that I was had been running my medium spec PC on medium in game setting until I found out that if I set the game up to HIGH END and turned up the RENDEREING SCALING up to 130 then I was getting great graphics!!!!!!

But all of my ai traffic was gone!!

When I turned it back down to medium and rendering scaling back down to 100 my AI TRAFFIC CAME BACK!

Hope this might help someone else!

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I set my graphics to medium. I was at LAX. After a long time I saw one plane land. I hung around for a long time but never saw another. In real time traffic I didn't see anything. And this is at one of the busiest airports in the world.
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That's interesting. Up until a couple of days ago I rarely saw any other traffic. Then, maybe coincidentally, I upgraded the graphics card driver - and on my next trip I was almost overwhelmed, being given THREE go-arounds which had never happened before!


Most of my settings are on medium with just a few tweaked to high to give a better performance without loss of quality or FPS. Still can't get my head round things changing without any apparent reason!

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