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Aircraft initiation failed, what does that signify?


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It could also mean you have a saved flight, possibly your default flight, that calls for a plane you have gotten rid of.


When do you see this message?


Can you click past it and move on?



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What does aircraft initiation failed signify. HOW DO YOU FIX THIS SITUATON?


Did you mean aircraft initialization failed? Could this be another TDS 787 install gone awry? How about a full explanation of what you are trying to do.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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Asccording to Microsoft FSX SDK


[table] cellpadding="2" cellspacing="4"


| valign="undefined" | Aircraft initialization failure.

| valign="undefined" | Indicates that some essential files are missing from the aircraft container. If the files are missing, the aircraft will not usually be displayed in the Select Aircraft dialog box; as a result, this error is rare




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It could mean you simply misspelled the file name. In cfg, the line 'sim=xxx' points to the air file name (xxx). Check the spelling. And any spacing. It must be EXACTLY spelled like the air file is spelled, including symbols ('_', etc) used to make up the (air) file name.

Chuck B


PS: When doing edits to cfg or rename of files, etc, first choose 'World/Go to Airport', pick a runway (FSX remembers this) so when you get that error, and you wind up on the South pole in the water, you can just do 'World/Go To Airport' and click 'Ok' and you'll quickly be back at a 'safe' place (to start over). Then go add fuel and restart engines.

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