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Baron Charter Flight: Marathon Key - Orlando Exec


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Today we are taking a few charter passengers back to Orlando Executive from Marathon Key in the Baron 58. I flew the leg down a few days ago and it was uneventful. For this leg the weather was clear in both locations and throughout the flight with the exception of a few small clouds. Here we go!




Loaded up in Marathon and ready to bring the Baron to life





Climbing off of runway 7 and leaving the keys behind





Approaching the US mainland





Passing Lake Okeechobee at 5,000 feet





In the busy Orlando airspace passing MCO in the distance off our right wing





Flying over Kissimmee Airport





Passing the Magic Kingdom! First time seeing Disney in MSFS (wasn't thrilled that it seemed to not load well...)





Approaching ORL and passing the downtown Orlando





Short final for runway 7





Parked on the busy Orlando Executive ramp just in time for the sunset


That's all for now, thanks for viewing!

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that second shot would sell me light sim if I hadn't bought it already... lovely shots......

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Well done on those shots! :pilot:

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