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Good morning.


Have had the sim since it came out and have not had any major problems (fingers cross I haven't jinxed myself).

Flown local, regional, national, international and have always run into the same problem.

Using the standard multi player built into the sim, you get people who spawn on the runway, play chicken with ya on the taxiways and pretend they are part of a flight demonstration team flying a 2 ship formation 18 inches away from you. Really kind of frustrating.


I know there is Vatsim which is way more rigid but is there any place out there that is a happy medium between the anarchy of current free for all sim based and Vatsim? Don't get me wrong, I was a member of Vatsim a while ago (circa 2005) and while it was well behaved, you had some controllers who way over the top and would admonish you if you asked for progressive taxi instructions and made a wrong turn (even if there was no conflict coming). Left a bad taste so I left that and only flew with the AI Traffic.


Any info would be helpful.


....Signature not required for delivery....

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**Honeycomb Alpha Yoke, Logitech Throttle, Logitech Pedals**

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