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Scaling guages for triple monitor display

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The gauges that you can alter are in the plane's panel.cfg file, in the panel folder. Open that up and near the top you will find a Window00 section. This is the main 2D panel. Within that you will find gauge listings. Let's look at one as an example:




This means this altimeter gauge is placed 347 units from the left edge, and 57 units from the top edge. These could be pixels? There are no size numbers (see below) and thus it will be displayed at the default size and proportions (the size and shape of the gauge background bitmap).


However, in the VCockpit section down below (specifying the gauges for the VC), it is instead displayed like this:


gauge14=Cessna!Altimeter, 1, 383, 126, 126


This says that this altimeter gauge will placed 1 unit from the left edge and 383 units from the top edge. In a VC this doesn't say much about its position on the panel itself (that is determined in the model), but instead its position on the virtual gauge bitmap used to print them onto the VC gauge polygon.


But in addition to that you can see two more numbers - 126 for the horizontal size, and 126 for the vertical size. This last number you should be able to change to 42 to make it one third its width.


For the 2D panel you will have to add these two numbers to the gauge listing, and then adjust the second size value (vertical size) until the gauge is the right height. Then set the first size value to 1/3 of that for the width.


Finally, you may have to adjust the first two numbers (X and Y location) so the gauges sit in their original positions.


Hope this helps,

Tom Gibson


CalClassic Propliner Page: http://www.calclassic.com

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