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Has the download time changed in the last 3 months?

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If I assume that a full download (when purchasing FS2020) is 127GB and using a download speed of say 40Mbps (my internet speed is usually 52Mbps) I have calculated the download time would be about 7.5 hours? BUT this is based on MY download speed and I have NO idea how fast the servers are where the download comes from?


Reading from some people early after it was released it was terribly slow.


What are people saying now? Has anyone purchased and downloaded it recently and if so how long did it take for them and what is their internet download speed?




Gigabyte Z390 UD Intel Core i7-9700K 3.60 Ghz Dual 16Gb DDR4 2666

Gigabyte RTX2060 OC 6GB 2 X 256MB SSD drives 1 X 500GB HDD

Windows 10 64bit Home Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick

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