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Patch 013 Changelog and Cliffs/ Desert Wings Tobruk during Steam's Autumn Sale!

ATAG Pattle

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Hi all,


Hope everyone if well and staying safe.


Desert Wings Tobruk and Cliffs of Dover Blitz are now on sale as part of Steam's Autumn Sale!


Desert Wings TOBRUK on sale for 25% off


Cliffs of Dover BLITZ on sale for 75% off


Buying the bundle at 45% off means Cliffs of Dover Blitz is as close to a free as you are ever likely to get!



Here's in the Changelog for the upcoming Patch 013!




*** Fix: Wellington (all) engine radiator flaps animated.


*** Fix: Beaufighter (all) engine radiator flaps animated.


*** Fix: Martlet, trim controls incorrect.


*** Fix: Ju88C corrected nose guns from MG15 to MG17.


*** Fix: G.50 & C.202 gunsights are off when airspawning.


*** Fix: Gladiator guns not aligned with gunsight.


*** Fix: Secondary cockpit illumination not working on Bf109Fs.


*** Fix: Missing RU localization in Order menu.


*** Feature: Macchi rpm lever behavea as a Rocker.


*** Corrected speeds for all 109F models


*** Corrected default Rudder trim and default elevator trim for 109F-4



*** Corrected auto prop pitch on 109F-4 models to better match boost/rpm


*** Corrected overheat schedules for 109F-4 models


*** Corrected auto pitch maximum rpms for De-rated versions of 109F-4.

These versions are now limited to a maximum of 1.30 ata and 2500 rpm in

auto pitch mode. 2700 rpm can only be accessed in manual/variable pitch






TFS Team

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