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Cheeky question for any model developers!

Rescue 936

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As I said, this is a big favour I'm about to ask! But would anyone be willing to create a basic exterior model for an aircraft known as the Camcopter S-100 UAV? Now, I would only need the model as I can create the air file, aircraft.cfg etc myself, (or at least to specification) and the panel I allready have as a ground control station. This would be for FS2004 of course and would be released in freeware as G-UASA and G-UASB the UAV's currently on trials with HM Coastguard and Bristow helicopters.


The reason I ask is I have a VA, awaiting launch but do not have sufficient time to learn Gmax modeling. I would give due credit of course, and naturally understand this is a very big ask. But I can assure it will be used extensively, and will be as accurate as possible in flight dynamics.


Again, I understand this is a big ask but this would benefit the FS community who use FS9 with another freeware add-on! :))


Thanks in advance to anyone who responds.


ops.vsar@gmail.com :D

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H Jones
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