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Getting RWY12 set up in Win10?


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I'm hoping someone else has had experience getting RWY12 to place objects in FS9 on a Win10 system. :confused:


I installed RWY12 earlier and its kind of fighting me a bit. I have FS9 installed directly to my C: drive in a folder named FS9 (not the typical C:/Program Files (X86) path). I have RWY12 installed in its own folders and the object library activated.

RWY12 runs fine and synchs up to FSIUPC with no issues.


I tried to create a simple BGL as per the docs. All of the programs seem to be talking to each other but I get a message saying that BGLCOMP failed to produce the BGL.


So, some basic questions:


- I just started running FS9 a couple of weeks ago and am still getting used to it, does RWY12 use the reg entry for FS to locate the actual folders? Its a little late to move FS into the more traditional "MS Games" folder and I haven't found anything like a .cfg file in RWY12.


- Compatibility Mode. Without C.M., I couldn't even get the Object Placer to communicate with FSIUPC. I'm currently using Win8 C.M. with Admin set for both RWY12 exe's. This is the same mode I had to use to get AFCAD2 talking to FS. If you have RWY12 running on Win10, which mode are you using?


- RWY12 uses MSXML4 and Dotnetfx NET frameworks. Everything I'm seeing tells me I should already have them installed (or at least the processes are covered in Win10). Can I even install them in Win10?


- Once/if I get RWY12 to produce a BGL, can I control where it gets produced? Like, maybe have the BGL show up on my desktop so I can install it manually?

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Update- :cool:


Since I kept getting the message that BGLComp had failed, I did some sleuthing and found out it needed MSXML4. Did some more checking and found the download at the MS web site since it wasn't installed on my rig after all.


Ran RWY12 again and got mah BGL! :D


I wound up using WinXP sp2 as the comp mode for both the object placer and BGLComp, but I'm still curious what you other Win10 users are using?

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