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Big problem!


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Hi guys,

Got myself a bit of a mystery here. I've had FSX (not SE) running all year on my Windows 10 'C' drive. It's been fine, good frame rates, all good. I uninstalled 'Aero Files-Texture Pack Booster' yesterday as it was causing squares to form around runway and aircraft lights but unfortunately, the uninstall took out FSX along with it. OK, no problem, I thought I'd re-install FSX on my 'D' drive to free up space on my 'C' drive.


I did that, lights back to normal, no squares. Now the problems begin. First let me say I use Samsung SSD drives on my brand new PC, all drivers are current and a Ryzen 7 2700 8 core CPU along with 32gb of ram.Graphics card is ATI Radeon RX580.


I'm now getting a fair bit of stuttering in flight but when I change aircraft or time of day which will reload textures, the texture re-loader will hang at zero without change. I left the pc for an hour and it was still at zero. This is intermittent. This has never happened once on the original install.


My FSX settings are bare minimum. I don't want to upgrade to the new FS2020 as FSX for me is all about the aircraft liveries I have designed for mainly 1960's aircraft, I have about thirty of them so I need FSX. SE is no good as I need FS Recorder.


I don't have any 3rd party scenery installed. The only add-on I have is FS Recorder which has never been a problem so far. I've Googled myself crazy over this issue.


Oh, one other thing. If I run a saved flight from FS Recorder from my original install, the runway isn't there anymore but comes back if I fly 'live' without FS Recorder replay.


Any help you can send my way would be massive. Thanks.



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Thanks for your reply, Amberdog 1. Yes, I did a complete uninstall from Drive C. I use a utility called 'Total Uninstall' which incorporates the FSX uninstaller so takes out everything. Trying to install with any FSX traces brings up a failed FSX install so I know that utility does it's job.

BTW, I didn't have the FSX aceelreration pack installed. Would that be a problem?

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Right, I reinstalled FSX to my D drive and then installed the Acceleration pack. That did the trick, everything running smoothly now. It had been so long since the original install, I had forgotten about the Acc pack and just winged the problematic install. Now I have the pleasure of reinstalling all the aircraft and all my liveries. Good job we're in lockdown.

As usual, thank you for your help, guys.

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