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No gauges


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Hello all,


After a bit of forum searching with no results I'm posting this question.


Odd display issue here. The ATI 5570 graphics card (1 gb vram) in my computer failed and until I either do an oven-based reflow on it or buy a replacement I installed the machine's original Geforce 7300 GT (256 mb vram) back into the computer. But now when I try to run FSX, I get no gauges on any aircraft and the gauge locations on the panels (2d & 3d) are transparent. See screenshots attached. I also reset all the display settings to their minimums, no change.


The 7300 GT worked ok in FSX years ago in both XP & Win7 and seems to work ok in most other applications (except that on Flightradar24 I can no longer see anything in 3d mode). Any ideas what the problem is with the gauges now?


Machine is dual boot MacPro 1,1 (bootcamp) running Windows 10 Pro 32 bit. 15 GB memory. Win10 is running DirectX 12.


Thanks for any help.






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