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Using Plan G with Multiple FS9 Installs


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Hi guys,


I'm trying out the Plan-G flight planner for FS9 and I really like it. But I've hit a problem. Like many of you, I have multiple FS9 installs for different add-on packages such as Golden Wings. As per the install instructions, I rename the exe files for each install from, say, fs9.exe to fsgw3.exe so that the config files don't get mixed up. But Plan-G will not connect with anything except my vanilla FS9 install. My hunch is that this is because it will only connect when a file named fs9.exe is running. Is this right? If it is, does anyone know a workaround to enable it to also connect when you have renamed your fs9.exe?





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The following might be an other approach:


I'm running FS9 in different classic and GW3 vintage environments with the same fs9.exe. I just rename


- scenery.cfg

- texture folder

- aircraft folder


There wouldn't be a problem to have classic and vintage aircraft in the same folder. I have the better overlook with two separate ones. The sceneries are saved in different folders too and are managed by scenery.cfg anyway.


Running FS9 this way, allows to share all the same tools.



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Thank you for the tips, Bernard and Robin.


I had already tried Robin's method of copying an original FS9.exe into GW. That was necessary in order to get Plan-G to build its scenery libraries. It needs to see an FS9.exe in the folder you point to in order to accept it as a FS2004 location. However, that did not help with the connection issue.


I was wrong about the source of the connection issue though. It turned out the problem was that some of my FS9 installs did not have a copy of fsuipc.dll in their modules folders. I have never actually purchased fsuipc, it just sort of came along with some of the other addons I have installed - but I haven't installed all of those addons in all of my FS9 versions. Once I copied fsuipc.dll into the modules folders of my installs, Plan-G connected with no problem.



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