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I have several Go Flight modules I would like to get working with MSFS. I'm aware there are several ways to make this happen and am seeking feedback regarding experiences with the various methods. So far I've heard about GoFlight (doubtful), PolyPot, FSUIPC, and SPADneXt. I would appreciate you comments to help me narrow this down. Successes; failures. Thanks.
AMD Ryzen 7 3800X, GIGABYTE AMD Radeon 5700XT, 32mb DDR4 RAM @ 3600 mbs, Asrock X570 motherboard
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My rig is based on P3D not MS2020, but I have found there is nothing I could not accomplish with GoFlight modules using FSUIPC coupled with lua scripting. There is plenty of help and examples out there for you, but once you see a few scripting examples it should go pretty smoothly for you. The actual GoFlight software I have found to be limiting in capabilities. When it works it is fine if it does what you want, but I think you will find you will want more which is what FSUIPC and lua scripting does for you.
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